Advisory Committee


Tim Moore,  Chair of the Psychology Department, Glendon Campus, York University

Dr. Tim Moore is Professor of Psychology and chair of the Psychology Department at York University’s Glendon campus where he teaches Psychology & Law. Dr. Moore has served as a consultant and expert witness in dozens of criminal trials in both Canada and the U.S. on issues related to memory, language comprehension, child witnesses, suggestibility, police investigative practices and interrogations. Dr. Moore is a regular participant in various legal educational programs, including the Criminal Lawyers’ Association, the Ontario Bar Association, Osgoode’s Professional Development series and the National Judicial Institute.

Stephen Herbert, Senior Fellow, Massey College, University of Toronto



Jean Roy, Member of the Bendale Acres Advisory Council

A retired engineer, Jean Roy has a Bachelor of Civil Engineering.  He is also a graduate of the International Centre for Research and Studies in Management (CIREM), affiliated with HEC Montreal. Over the course of his career, Mr. Roy held a number of positions in senior management. He is cofounder of the Fondation Héléne-Tremblay-Lavoie, an organisation working to promote long-term care in French.  He is also a member of the Federation des aînes et des retraités francophones de I’Ontario (FAFO), sits on the advisory council of Bendale Acres, a long-term care centre in the City of Toronto, and was an active member for many years of the board of directors of Société Santé en français and the French Health Network of Central Southwestern Ontario.



Kristoffer Romero, Assistant Professor, Psychology Department, University of Windsor

Kristoffer Romero is a licensed neuropsychologist and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Windsor. His research aims to understand the links between the brain and various cognitive functions, such as memory and attention. Specifically, his current projects include developing better bilingual cognitive tools for assessing subtle changes in memory and attention, and developing knowledge translation courses for health professionals. Additional interests include exploring the systemic gaps in care for Canadians with cognitive impairment, particularly for Francophones and visible minorities, and developing models for delivery of specialized health services within the community.