Certificate in Dementia and Cognitive Health

Certificate in Dementia and Cognitive Health

As a member of the Consortium national de formation en santé and with the financial support of the CNFS, the Glendon Centre for Cognitive Health is in the process of developing and implementing the Certificate in Dementia and Cognitive Health. Courses will begin in September 2020.

Download our brochure (in French only; PDF format)

Who should Register for The Certificate in Dementia and Cognitive Health?

This training is aimed at front-line health care workers who want to develop an expertise in the domain of neurodegenerative disorders and maximize the active offer of care in French. Thus, if you have training in nursing, medicine, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and/or other allied health profession that has you working with older adults in a healthcare or long-term care setting, it is the program for you. Courses will also be made available for upper-year undergraduate students enrolled at York University. The language of instruction for this program is in French. However, there is a possibility to complete assignments in either French or English, depending on attendees’ preferences.

How Is the Certificate Structured?

The certificate includes three courses that will be offered online on the Glendon teaching platform.We recommend enrolling in courses in the order suggested below. The first course, Cognitive Health and Neurodegenerative Disorders, aims to build an interdisciplinary approach and expertise to promote better management of neurodegenerative disorders, and to bring knowledge into the hands of those who work most closely with individuals suffering from cognitive impairment and their families. The course combines knowledge on more than a dozen neurodegenerative diseases with practical interventions to detect and better manage these conditions. The second course, Brain and Behaviour: An Introduction to Neuroscience, allows participants to learn more about the functions of different regions of the brain and nervous system, and demonstrate how different regions impact our behaviour.

The third course, Cognitive Health and Prevention of Neurodegenerative Disorders: A Comprehensive Approach, focuses on scientific knowledge related to modifiable lifestyle factors that can lessen the risk of dementia (e.g., better stress management, physical activity, nutrition,…). This is accompanied by concrete behavioural modification techniques to help implement these best practices.

Why Choose Online Learning?

We know that health professionals have a busy schedule that can vary from week to week. The advantage of using this technology is that you have the flexibility as to when you work on the material and the pace at which you complete each course. The courses will be presented as short videos, supported by various activities to consolidate your learning. You will also be assigned written essays to help you put into action what you learn in the courses.There will also be occasional video conferencing sessions.You will be supported in your learning in various ways:through phone calls, emails and in-person sessions, if desired, throughout the program.What Is the Cost of This Program? Each course lasts 40 hours and has registration fees of $350 per course. Each course will be worth 3 credits through our continuing education program.

How Can We Enroll?

To learn more about the certificate or to register for one of our courses, please email us at cnfs@glendon.yorku.ca or contact Geneviève Quintin, Associate Director of the Glendon Centre for Cognitive Health, by phone at 416 736 2100 ext.88365