Memory & Aging Program

Memory and Aging Program

The Programme mémoire et vieillissement is the francophone version of the Memory and Aging Program (or MAP), which was developed in the late 90s by Dr. Angela Troyer and her team at Baycrest Hospital in Toronto.  In 2014, this program was translated and adapted to French by Geneviève Quintin with the support of other members of the CCH. 

This 10-hour program provides information on how memory functions, normal changes that occur in this domain with aging, and lifestyle factors that can have an impact on cognitive health. In addition, an important component of the intervention consists in demonstrating and practising evidence-based strategies to support learning and recall.

The CCH team is working to evaluate the validity of the Programme mémoire et vieillissement to ascertain that the French version of this program is as effective as the original English version. We wish to study the usefulness of this program as an educational tool to improve participants’ knowledge on the various aspects of memory and the factors that can influence its functioning as people age.  Furthermore, we want to ascertain that this intervention builds participants’ confidence in their memory abilities and increases the number of tools and strategies that they possess to manage memory-related situations in daily life.

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