Elizabeth Wanstall, M.A.

Elizabeth Wanstall is a doctoral student in the Clinical-Developmental Psychology program at York University. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Cognitive Neuropsychology Stream) and her Bachelor of Education from Glendon College in 2017, and her Master of Arts in Clinical-Developmental Psychology from York University in 2019. Elizabeth’s research interests are focused on the neuropsychological and cognitive development of children with neurodevelopmental conditions and/or childhood illness. She worked with a research team at Sick Kids investigating the quality of life and neurocognitive outcomes of childhood survivors of leukemia. Under the supervision of Dr. Guy Proulx, she is also one of the leaders of the “Synapse-Santé” program. Currently, Elizabeth’s research examines the development of a novel assessment tool for children with ADHD entitled the “Unstructured Performance Task of Executive Functions”. She is also a neuropsychology practicum student at Toronto Western Hospital in the Tourette Syndrome Neurodevelopmental Clinic.